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NO MOVE NO FEE - Furthermore there are NO UPFRONT FEES OR COSTS, you only make payment when you have secured your property and you get the keys or hand them over. FREE OFFERS & FREE NOTES OF INTEREST . . . Read more



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Whether you are buying property and are wondering what to offer or if you are selling a property and want to know what price to accept, give us a call. It’s free with no commitment to us at all.

We help clients buy and sell their properties every working day of the week – thousands each year! Our specialists can help you negotiate the price you want. Call us and see what we have to offer.

In a very fluid property market, knowing the trends and understanding patterns of buying are critical when making any big decision. Our lawyers will provide you with the knowledge at the core of any successful property negotiation.

FREE SERVICE TRIAL - Again our panel of residential conveyancing finder lawyers offer you a free service trial. It's a true statement of how confident our firms are that you will love the service offered. If you have never used one of our firms how do you know how good they are? With nothing to pay upfront and a Free Service trial you really have nothing to lose. We think this unique package is by far the best on offer.